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The BoB 2023 Conference will take place on the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU). The campus is located in the district of Suchdol, the northwest suburbs of Prague, reachable in approximately 20-30 minutes from the Prague centre. It is a quiet area surrounded by countryside with a few small protected areas nearby.

The modern green campus offers a concentration of all services and facilities in one place. There are six Faculties with classrooms and lecture halls, student dormitories, Menza (student dining hall), park, arboretum, restaurants and bars, parking, etc. All these facilities are within ten minutes’ walk of each other on the campus. Besides the student dormitories, there are three hotels in the immediate vicinity of the campus.

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and in the Library. The conference dinner will be organised in the city centre. We are organising a few optional excursions for the conference attendants, buses to all of them will set off from the campus.

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